The battle for humanity

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16 Dec 2009

George Monbiot’s column in yesterday’s Guardian at least had the virtue of drawing out what is too often implicit in the discussion of how to deal with climate change. The veteran environmental campaigner talked of a battle to redefine humanity:

“Humanity is no longer split between conservatives and liberals, reactionaries and progressives, though both sides are informed by the older politics. Today the battle lines are drawn between expanders and restrainers; those who believe that there should be no impediments and those who believe that we must live within limits. The vicious battles we have seen so far between greens and climate change deniers, road safety campaigners and speed freaks, real grassroots groups and corporate-sponsored astroturfers are just the beginning. This war will become much uglier as people kick against the limits that decency demands.”

Meanwhile, Anne Applebaum, writing in the Washington Post, did a good job of outlining the anti-human outlook of the climate change mainstream.