RSA consumerism debate

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17 Jul 2009

For the time being I will limit my comments on this evenings debate at the RSA on consumerism (see 7 July post). Once the audio feed of the event is available on the RSA website I will post a link to this site. I will also post my review of Neal Lawson’s book when it is published on Monday.

However, a few points to note:

* The books on consumerism by Professor Matthew Hilton, one of this evening’s speakers, sound worth reading. They include his Consumerism in Twentieth Century Britain (Cambridge UP 2003) and Prosperity for All (Cornell UP 2008).

• Given the contemporary obsession with advertising I should get round to watching Mad Men, Matthew Weiner’s television drama about the world of advertising in 1960s New York.

• Neal Lawson has generously proposed a return event at the RSA when my book is published next year. I would certainly be up for it.