Food Inc

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4 Jul 2009

Food Inc is the latest big budget environmental documentary following last month’s the end of the line on fishing (see 12 June 2009 post).

Robert Kenner, Food Inc’s director, was interviewed on Comedy Central’s the Daily Show last week. Although Jon Stewart, the Daily Show presenter, did not push Kenner hard it was in some ways revealing.

Kenner acknowledged that American life expectancy is still rising but claimed that diabetes would change that in the future. Given that Kenner argued a modern food lacks any nutrition and is often dangerous it is hard to see how his argument can be correct. If modern food is as terrible he suggests it would be expected to have shortened life expectancy substantially by now.

He also accepted that food makes up a lower proportion of household spending than ever before. Yet he somehow tried to find a way round this argument but arguing that high healthcare costs should be added to the cost of food.

Kenner gave no solution to the problem of the one billion people in the world who still live in hunger (see 21 June 2009 post).

On the case for factory farming and agribusiness see, for example, the posts of 15 April 2008, 20 July 2008 and 30 November 2008.

Food Inc is already out in America although I am not sure when it will be released in Britain.

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