Environmentalism with jewels on

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19 Jan 2009

Who every said environmentalism need not be elitist (see 18 January post)? According to an article on the ABC News website the following is available to well-heeled greens who want to attend Barack Obama’s inauguration as president:

“The Ritz-Carlton sold a “Politically Correct” package for $50,000, which includes four nights in one of the hotel’s suites; two hard-to-come-by seats at the inaugural parade; two tickets to an inaugural ball; a luxury hybrid vehicle with chauffeur on call 24 hours a day; a ball gown and tuxedo from Saks Fifth Avenue; a private in-suite dinner for two at the hotel’s restaurant, and more, including a special, inauguration-themed pendant of gold, diamonds, rubies and sapphires valued at $8,000.”

Nor are such standards limited to one swish hotel. The Obama “We Are One” is evidently not an egalitarian event:

“The concert was supposed to be part of “the people’s party,” said Shawn Paterniti, who had come with his wife Mia from Columbia, Md., to see the show. “But still, you have the VIPs who want their front-row seats. So I guess they get their tickets no one knows about,” he said, as he and his wife headed to join the “general population,” far away from the performances.

“‘It seems odd to have a VIP section for a concert about unity,’ quipped the local blog DCist.com. The blogger, Kriston Capps, suggested a new name for the event: ‘We Are One, but Some Are More One Than Others.’”

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