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5 Dec 2008

I do not normally reproduce emails from public relations types but this one is so ludicrous and miserabilist (do not put up Christmas trees) that I cannot resist. It was sent to me in my capacity as a magazine editor:

Hi there,

I’ve got a great somewhat unusual environmentally friendly and ethical Christmas gift you may be able to do something on – forget about Christmas trees this year, why not buy your friends and loved ones their own personalised tree in the Scottish highlands to reduce carbon emmisions!

Each tree comes complete with a DVD of the site which featured in the BBC series ‘The Real Monarch of the Glen’ and you can even go and visit your personal tree if you want to!

I think this would make for a really quite interesting piece in the run up to Christmas and if you would like to chat with Geremy Thomas behind the scheme I can set that you for you. It would also be fantastic if you could mention the great work of the Caron Managers in any way and I think this would make for a truly memorable feature so let me know if you can do anything.

Merry Christmas and all the best,


Lauren Horncastle
Senior Press Officer
Quite Great Communications

My terse response what that I might run it in our 1 April issue.

PS – The PR firm also seems to be suffering from a sense of humour bypass. It just replied to my sarcastic proposal saying: “that sounds great”.

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