God’s gone green too

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18 Jul 2008

The green message is so pervasive nowadays that it extends from children’s cartoons (see 13 July 2008 post) to god. Speaking at an event in Sydney, Australia, this week the pope recycled the predictable message of self-restraint and anti-consumption:

“Religions have a special role in this regard, for they teach people that authentic service requires sacrifice and self-discipline, which in turn must be cultivated through self-denial, temperance and a moderate use of the world’s goods. In this way, men and women are led to regard the environment as a marvel to be pondered and respected rather than a commodity for mere consumption. It is incumbent upon religious people to demonstrate that it is possible to find joy in living simply and modestly, generously sharing one’s surplus with those suffering from want.”

Evidently for god’s representative on earth “living simply and modestly” – what most people call poverty – should be treated as a joy. Let us pray that he is not taken seriously.

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