Earthquake protection demands growth

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20 May 2008

Will Hutton, writing in his regular Observer column on Sunday, was quick to blame corruption for the devastation caused by the recent Chinese earthquake. He associated this in turn with rapid economic growth:

“Corruption is ubiquitous, which is why so many buildings were deathtraps. Another woman drew attention to the government and party buildings that remained standing, plainly built to the right specifications. The Politburo could anticipate what was going to be said; fast, open and effective action was its best riposte.

“The government has announced an investigation into why so many classrooms collapsed, but the answer is already known. People want the government to maintain the pace of development but increasingly do not accept that the price has to be corruption. The government agrees and launches unsuccessful anti-corruption drives.”

What Hutton fails to even acknowledge is that building earthquake resistant buildings is expensive. That is why rich countries generally suffer less damage in earthquakes then poorer ones. In that sense rapid economic growth is a precondition for China being able to afford them. Hutton is so hostile to growth and so suspicious of the Chinese he does not even appear to recognise this basic fact.