Attitudes towards inequality and car use

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23 Jan 2008

The annual British Social Attitudes survey contains some insights into changing perceptions of inequality and of the environment.

On poverty it is clear that there is widespread concern about the existence of inequality. Some 76% say the gap between those on high and those on low incomes is “too large”. However, this concern about inequality tends not to translate into sympathy for the poor. For example, the proportion who say the government should redistribute from the well-off to the poor has fallen to 34% compared with 47% in 1995. One in four say poverty is the result of laziness or lack of willpower.

On the environment there is a split on attitudes towards car use. Almost one in four say they should be able to use their cars as much as they like irrespective of damage to the environment. But 66% say everyone should reduce their car use for the sake of the environment.