Bad Science on GM

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3 Mar 2007

Ben Goldacre, who writes the Guardian’s Bad Science column, has written an article criticising scare headlines linking cancer to genetically modified (GM) potatoes. He gives as an example a high profile story in 1998 making such a link and a similar more recent one in the Independent. On closer examination neither story was justified by the evidence yet they help to create the misleading impression that GM foods are unsafe. Goldacre argues that any research on GM should be published in full, so that it can be properly scrutinised, rather than being reported on the basis of leaks.

Meanwhile, the Times has run a preview of a forthcoming Channel 4 series on GM. In Animal Farm Dr Olivia Judson, a biological scientist, will put the case for GM while Giles Coren, a food writer will take a more critical view. In the course of working on the programme Coren evidently realised that GM food has many advantages. However, like Ben Goldacre of the Guardian, he expresses fears of the control of GM technology by multinational corporations.

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