Madonna’s little black baby

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11 Oct 2006

Madonna has found a new way of expressing herself: she is adopting a little black baby from an orphanage in Malawi. Whereas ordinary people sometimes wear white wristbands or flash American Express RED cards to express their piety the mistress of makeovers evidently needed something more. She chose a baby from the children in the orphanage in a similar way to a shopper choosing a pair of shoes.

The symbolism of Madonna’s adoption of baby Davie was clear to an unnamed source at the orphanage quoted in today’s Sun: “She … carried him on her back, which was very symbolic as that is the way Malawian mothers carry their children.” Presumably this blatant display demonstrates what a worthy person she is. Madonna follows Angelina Jolie, actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador, who has adopted an Ethiopian and a Cambodian baby.

Such expressions of celebrity colonialism do no good for the third world but no doubt they help celebrities feel they are somehow spiritually pure.

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