An ethical blessing to consume

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18 Aug 2006

It seems that even the Wall Street Journal – one of the closest things there is to a true neocon organ – is going ethical. Or at least the Weekend Journal supplement to the Wall Street Journal Europe (WSJE) has a guide to consuming with a conscience. For those who have the cash ethical brands include Giorgio Armani (clothing and accessories for Product Red ), Katherine Hamnett (a range of clothing and accessories that is “ethically made and as environmental as possible”), Izze Beverage Company (all-natural juice drinks), Green & Black’s (organic chocolate) and Kuyichi Europe (making fair trade and environmentally friendly materials cool).

Meanwhile, while the rich go ethical the consumption of Champagne, once seen as a drink primarily for the rich, is increasingly seen as vulgar. The WSJE also has an article from London on how Champagne is becoming popular with “chavs”. Apparently the Oxford English Dictionary defines these as young people characterised by: “brash and loutish behaviour and the wearing of designer clothes”. But to me it seems like a snobbish term to describe – and deride – ordinary young people.

So for the rich consumption can be OK as long as it is blessed with an ethical tag. For the rest of us to aspire to the best in life is uncouth or even uncool.